Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Bauhaus Building in Dessau

Since I started on the Bauhaus subject, there is so much more to say. Gropius started his movement in the old German city of Weimar but decided to build his visionary school in Dessau. The Bauhas became home to revolutionary artists such as Klee, Kandinsky and Mies van der Rohe.

The Bauhaus broke with tradition in that it used exclusively clean and simple lines, glass and concrete to create an open, bright space for young minds to flourish. Of course, what sounded right in principle didn't always work as the glass facade also made for easy heat loss in the cold Dessau winters and glaring days during the summers.

This is the dormitory block which was itself revolutionary because Bauhaus students were allowed the luxury of their own rooms, each equipped with a balcony.

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